Christian Haas


Side tables
ClassiCon, 2021

The Matéria series is characterized by its unusual dimensions and aura of tranquillity. When taking a closer look, however, its nearly monochromatic appearance is revealed as an interplay of the porous travertine stone and smoothly finished wood.
Matéria evokes an intuitive urge to touch the surfaces, to feel the natural textures. Originally a purely experimental design, it was expanded into a trio in cooperation with ClassiCon.
Matéria is available in three different sizes and currently two surfaces. Individually or in combination, the handcrafted low boards rightfully take center stage due to their materiality and reveal the sensual effect of reductionism.
Polished travertine and maple wood
Polished travertine blue stained and maple wood
Low board
W 170 x D 39 x H 23cm
Coffee table
W 160 x D 70 x H 37cm
Side table
W 110 x D 39 x H 39cm
Collaborators: Ruben Costa & Sónia Soeiro